Monday, February 24, 2014

Application Bing Add 15 New 3D City

In December, Microsoft has launched Bing Maps application for Windows 8.1 Preview . This application allows users to view a map of the landscape can be zoom -in to see the details of cities around the world .

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Reported by Slashgear , Tuesday ( 25/02/2014 ) , Microsoft Bing adds maps in 3D view for 15 major cities , mostly in the United States . These cities include Seattle , Gulport , Shreveport , Baton Rouge , Columbus ( GA ) , Tallahassee , Gainesville , San Francisco , Sacramento , Bakersfield , and Montgomery .

Bing also added cities in Spain such as Murcia and Marbella and Duisburg in Germany . This addition can be beneficial for the tourists or you happen to visit the city and knowing the map in 3D view .

The 3D map is created thanks to the expertise of professionals , including those that work in the video game industry , experts photogrammetrist . In addition , the process involves the 3D map is created from aerial photo shots with high-definition quality .

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This digital 3D world can then be explored using your fingertips on mobile devices . With a three-dimensional view , users can see the physical building and the ability to see the city with a rotation different viewpoints . ( ahl )


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