Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Commission: There Violations Committed DG Hajj

Vice Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission , Adnan Pandu Praja states , there is an alleged violation of the Director General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj and Umrah Abhimanyu Anggito associated with the implementation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in 2012/2013 . Adnan indicates the possibility of participating Anggito named as a suspect in a corruption case Hajj 2012/2013 .

" Obviously there are violations that are a suspect . , But then it is usually up ( higher authorities ) , you are asked to bottom. Nah it , so wait on the game , " said Adnan at Building Commission , Kuningan , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 28/5 / 2014 ) when asked if Anggito as Director General Hajj and Umrah party to errors associated with the hajj .
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However , Adnan has not revealed any violations allegedly committed by Anggito . According to him , the Commission 's investigation team will make the results of the investigation of the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs as one of the ingredients in investigating cases of alleged corruption in Haj MORA .

Commission confirmed that it will examine as a witness for Suryadharma Anggito . According to KPK spokesman Johan Budi , Anggito will be checked for confirmation about the cell phone seized during a search at the KPK office MORA some time ago . The room was searched during a search Anggito participate that day . In addition to mobile phones confiscated Anggito , the investigation team also seized a number of documents .

When the case is still under investigation of the Hajj , the Commission never asked for information Anggito . After questioning, Anggito admit there is a problem in the provision of accommodation Hajj operations . He admitted asked about the procedures and regulations relating to the procurement of catering , lodging , and transportation pilgrim .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Fadli Zon Post Jokowi Suspicious Supporters Burned Himself

Secretary- winning team - mate Prabowo Hatta Rajasa , Fadli Zon , suspecting Post Volunteer Jokowi burning in Jalan Sultan Agung , Setiabudi , South Jakarta , conducted by Jokowi own supporters . Post it on fire on Monday ( 5/26/2014 ) morning .

" Who would tuh burn ? Lest burned itself anyway ," said Fadli , in Polonia House , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) afternoon .

Fadli assess it could have been done Jokowi camp to leave the impression they were persecuted by other groups to gain sympathy from the public .

" So we never engage in any activity that is anarchic . Existing from the opposite camp who always do a campaign , for example , rest in peace that turns it his own supporters , " said Fadli .

Vice Chairman of the DPP Gerindra said his team always puts a peaceful and decent campaign .

"Did not you see Mr. Prabowo also danced . Campaign glad our campaign . Nothing we advocate action anything but peaceful action . We compete in a healthy , " he said .

Previously reported , Post Volunteer Joko Widodo located on Jalan Sultan Agung Setia Budi , Jakarta , burned early Monday . Fire engulfed the volunteer registration table in the left corner post and destroy the data about 600 volunteers who have signed up .


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Check AGO Ahok Support Team Success Ex Jokowi

Jakarta Vice Governor , Basuki T Purnama ( Ahok ) newly admitted knowing and praised Attorney General's Office ( AGO ) , which examine the entrepreneur from Solo , Michael Ben Putranto .

Just to note , Ben is a successful team ( Timses ) Jokowi current gubernatorial elections ( Pilgub ) Jakarta 2012 and, in fact not only that Ben also often help a former mayor of Solo was four times the local elections ( elections) .

" Good dong . Means that the same written Tempo is true , " said Ahok briefly at Banteng Square , Central Jakarta , Friday, May 23, 2014 .
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Given this examination then Ahok sure if the former Kadishub Jakarta , Udar Pristono have no basis for defamation over allegations made ​​by Ahok and will be reported to the Police Headquarters .

" Udar was suspect . Nah bisalah . Why Tempo also participate dilaporin baseball , " he said briefly .

Attorney General Michael Ben checking for memita testimony in the investigation of cases of alleged corruption in the procurement TransJakarta by Jakarta Transportation Agency to answer questions about the agenda with the introduction and procurement Jokowi TransJakarta bus .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Search the KPK room Anggito

Anti-Corruption Commission raided the offices of the Directorate General of Religious Affairs Hajj and Umrah , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

According to KPK spokesman Johan Budi , a place that was searched was the room the Director General of Hajj and Umrah Anggito Abhimanyu .

" The one that was searched in the room DG Hajj and Umrah , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi said here on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

According to him , a search was conducted investigations relating to the delivery of the Hajj corruption case that ensnared Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali .
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Separately , KPK deputy chairman Bambang Widjojanto said that the raids carried out since this afternoon . As of 20:00 pm , a search in the office of MORA in Bull Field Road Jakarta , is still ongoing .

KPK set Suryadharma as a suspect in a case of alleged corruption in the organization of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj fiscal year 2012-2013 .

As Menag , Suryadharma allegedly committed an unlawful act or abuse of authority together which resulted in losses to the state .

Suryadharma suspected of violating Article 2 Paragraph 1 or Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 to -1 in conjunction with Article 66 of the Criminal Code .

Until now , the Commission still counting state loss allegedly arising from the Suryadharma actions .

Johan said , the value of the budget that is used for the implementation of the 2012-2013 pilgrimage to Rp 1 trillion more . Johan also stated , determination Suryadharma who is also Chairman of the United Development Party was not related to politics .

Previously , when the case is still under investigation , the Commission never asked for information Anggito .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Completed, Repair "While" Throughout Merapi evacuation path 50 Km

Government of Magelang District has completed repairs " temporary " evacuation route of Mount Merapi . Improvements such as efforts to facilitate public access if at any time of the eruption of Merapi .

Sutarno , the Public Works Department of Energy and Mineral Resources ( DPUESDM ) mentions Magelang District , at least 14 evacuation route segments that have been repaired . Pathway as well as a citizen 's access to economic scattered District Srumbung , Shaman and Sawangan .

" Repairing the wear embroideries and pengurugan Tabal system using sand and stone ( gravel ) . The evacuation route point improvement priorities include path - Talun Muntilan ( Shaman District ) , Talun - Tlatar , Mangunsuko - Krinjing , Tegalsari - Srumbung , and Salam - Kaligesik , "said Sutarno , in Magelang , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .
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Sutarno explained , along 50 kilometers of track repairs will require funding of about USD 200 million were taken from routine road maintenance budget of Revenue and Expenditure ( budget ) 2014 Magelang regency .

" Improvements have been completed about two weeks ago . While the permanent repairs will be carried out in early June through the auction process , "added Sutarno .

The permanent repair will be done in Muntilan path to Talun ( Kecamatn Shaman ) . Approximately 400 feet of track will probably volcanic concreted , the path will be paved next to Talun .

The cost is going to use the funds derived from the proposed Special Allocation Fund ( DAK ) of Rp2 , 2 billion budget in 2014 and Rp2, 5 billion .

With the evacuation route has been repaired , he expects people to care for and maintain it . Therefore , these pathways is important in addition to the Merapi eruption evacuation route as well as access to economic , educational and social community on the slopes of active volcanoes in Indonesia.

Selanjtunya , to prevent trucks carrying excavated material C ( sand and stone ) evacuation paths crossed , the DPUESDM has installed portal and prohibition signs flashed .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Building meaning for Jokowi Joang 45-JK

Prior to the declaration of the presidential candidates - vice Joang Building 45 on Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) afternoon , Joko Widodo has always emphasized the importance of the selection of the declaration . He wants a declaration has no meaning .

Joang building in Jalan Cikini Raya 45 , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Jokowi finally chosen as the location of the declaration of the vice-presidential candidate Mohammad Jusuf Kalla . So, what is the meaning of the former building where Ir Soekarno briefing with youth in the era of the revolution ?
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" Looking ahead , we still need a hard work , " said Jokowi at City Hall on Monday afternoon .

" A hard struggle in order to advance the nation and the state . Passion there , " said Jokowi .

Currently, more Jokowi , no distribution of welfare in Indonesia . Social conditions between the region and the other one needs to struggle so unequal distribution of welfare society in order to create it .

" A lot of that we have to fight , " said Jokowi .

As is known , declared Jokowi Jusuf Kalla as vice Joang in Building 45 , on Monday at 11:55 pm . Thousands of supporters poured into the courtyard of the building .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Diponegoro Regional Commander: Soldiers Mothers Just Do not Watch Soap Opera

Military commander ( Regional Commander ) Maj. Gen. IV Diponegoro Sunindyo asked the soldier's wife to give more attention to her husband and children following a number sinetrons that often distract the wife .

" Mother - mother , do not just watch soap operas ," said Regional Commander during a working visit and to provide guidance to the Combat Engineering Battalion soldiers 4/Tanpa Kawandya Banyubiru , Ambarawa , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) afternoon .

In addition, the Regional Commander said , he recorded at least there are a few other things related persolan that often befall the soldiers in Zipur environment , including desertion related debts , liquor (alcohol ) especially adulterated , fraudulent or brokering upon receipt of a soldier . " Search oplosan please , do not drink , " said Regional Commander .
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On that occasion , the Regional Commander also received a number of complaints of problems among soldiers , especially those who have been married . One of them , concerning debts.

Regional Commander should ask the household problem solved wisely . In addition , employers are also required help to the problems afflicting his men .

" The problem , do not despair . Facing both and leave it to God , " he said .

After giving direction to soldiers , Regional Commander continuing vocational visits to Kartika . In this place , the Regional Commander requested Combat Engineering Battalion Commander ( Danyon Zipur ) 4/Tanpa Kawandya consider the condition of the school participated in the Battalion are organic military command IV / Diponegoro it.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Not Selected Again, Chairman of Parliament Kendal Back Selling Bus Tickets

Chairman of Parliament Kendal , Anik Kasiyani , will re- sell the tickets for the bus , having no longer a board member . Therefore , selling bus tickets is original work , before becoming a representative of the people . Anik claimed , do not feel embarrassed by his efforts .

" Why be embarrassed ? Selling bus tickets , is my job , before becoming a board member , " said Anik , who lives in Kendal Sukorejo , Tuesday ( 13/5 ) .
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According to Anik , despite being a member of the board , selling bus tickets Sukorejo Kendal - Jakarta , is still done , especially on holidays . Therefore , sell it in front of his house , which is around the plaza Sukorejo .

" At home , I go to the bus agent . Although I was so representative of the people , when the opportunity to go home and not in the home office , yes , I am still selling tickets , "he admits .

Anik states remain legowo , despite losing in Pileg 9 April yesterday . For that , he would introspect themselves .

Kasiyani Anik , who now serves as chairman of Parliament Kendal , has been ascertained no longer served as a member of the board of the period 2014-2019 , after the Election Commission held a plenary meeting of Kendal , the determination of candidates who will sit in the seat parliament from 2014 to 2019 .

Female politicians from the Golkar Party in the option area 4 , which includes the districts Patean , Sukorejo , Pageruiyung and Plantungan this , on 9 April Pileg yesterday only received 2,331 votes.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 10, PPP Disconnect Coalition

Officials of the United Development Party ( PPP ) continued to discuss the coalition map ahead of 2014 presidential elections . On Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) night , the PPP who are members of the elite team of 9 held a meeting at the official residence of PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali in Jalan Widya Chandra , South Jakarta .

Vice- Chairman of the PPP Hasrul Anwar claimed were present in the meeting that lasted until Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) morning . A number of things were discussed preparation for the National Leadership Meeting ( Rapimnas ) and map the PPP coalition opportunities facing election .
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On Friday evening , the meeting will be resumed at any of the hotels in Kuningan , South Jakarta , and involve a number of PPP officials .

" Last night we arrive early morning , finalizing preparations Rapimnas , God willing, held in Jakarta , May 10, 2014 , " said Hasrul , when contacted on Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) .

Chairman of the PPP faction in the House of Representatives to continue , a new PPP coalition decision will be taken in the forum rapimnas later . He also mentioned a number of figures that will be offered on the PPP coalition parties continue simmering and will be decided in the same forum .

" Leaning where , we can not mention . , But certainly later May 10 , " he said .

Separately , Deputy Secretary General of the PPP Syaifullah Tamliha explains , Team 9 filled by PPP Chairman , four Vice- Chairman of PPP , PPP General Secretary , Chairman of the Assembly of Experts PPP , PPP Advisory Council Chairman , and Chief Justice of the PPP . The main task of this team is to discuss the figure that will be offered when the PPP did an assessment with the other party .

" The decision was taken without votting the figure , " said Tamliha .

So far the PPP coalition continues to explore opportunities with a number of parties . Gerindra Among these , the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , and the Golkar Party . Based on the results of the National Labour Council in London some time ago , the PPP has few names to be supported in the presidential election . Among these are Suryadharma Ali and presidential candidate of the PDI - P Joko Widodo .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Zaenal , Suspects JIS , known Diligent Salat

 Zaenal Abidin , 28 years , one of the perpetrators of sexual violence against students kindergarten JIS , in the eyes of neighbors known to be friendly and diligent in worship . " Her son was normal, mischievous baseball . I often met at the mosque , really , " said Chairman of RT 07 RW 18 Sub Kedaung , District Pamulang , South Tangerang , Sa'ali , Tempo , Monday, April 28, 2014 .

Sa'ali still claim to not believe in the determination of the suspect Zaenal . According to him , his daily Zaenal be nice to the neighbors . Before Zaenal taken to the Jakarta Police Headquarters , according Sa'ali , Zaenal mother had contacted her . " No sir RT Police of Police in the house , " said the mother to quote Sa'ali Zaenal .
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Sa'ali said Zaenal known to hang out in the house , friendly , and never make trouble . " All the people here are so shocked to hear the news Zaenal . Know the first time I saw on television , " he said .

Zaenal as a suspect two days ago with four office mates , Afriska , Syahrial , and Anwar . However , Anwar committed suicide on the same day . The other two , Agun and Virziawan Amin Iskandar already established first as a suspect . Of body Zaenal and Syahrial allegedly discovered herpes virus that infects the body 6 -year -old kindergarten student who becomes a victim . After contracting suspected victims of sexual violence that occurred . ( Read : A series of time and Sexual Assault Suspect in JIS )

Fifth suspect into custody Subdit now Child Youth and Women Ditreskrimum City Police . They are subject to Article 82 of the Child Protection Act No. 23 of 2002 and carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison .


Monday, April 28, 2014

Anas Urbaningrum tried immediately

The investigation of cases of alleged corruption and money laundering that ensnared former Democratic Party chairman , Anas Urbaningrum expected to be completed ( P21 ) on May 9, 2014. Thus , approximately two weeks from the date that the docket will be transferred to the court Anas .

" The plan is dated May 9, P21 , for TPK ( corruption ) and its AML , most likely the file are merged , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi said in Jakarta on Monday ( 04/28/2014 ) .
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Within 14 days after the file declared complete , the Commission will draft a team of prosecutors for indictment and then submitted to the court .

" After that, when the trial court determines the maiden , " said Johan .

Today, Anas related re- examined its position as a suspect . After checked , Anas said file P21 possibility later on May 9 .

"If the supposed schedule of May 9 was already P21 , I forgot where the P21 's department . Know if my P19 , Manggarai - Monday , " said Anas , at the KPK building , Kuningan , Jakarta .

When asked if he is ready physically and mentally to face trial later , Anas even jokingly. " Born inner does not, but the mind is born , yes , " he continued .

During today's inspection , Anas admitted just complete dossier (BAP ) her . To reporters , a former member of the House of Representatives is also the time to play . Anas admitted to the investigating team has asked the Commission to correct the BAP by replacing all names are written in the BAP Anas with another person's name .

" My name is renamed another , baseball may be said , " Anas said .

Commission set Anas as suspects in the alleged corruption surrounding Hambalang February 2013 . Through the development of these investigations , the Commission Anas ensnare the articles in money laundering legislation . Anas suspected money laundering active and enjoying the proceeds of money laundering . KPK arrested at the Detention Commission Anas around January 2014 .


BRI Surabaya Burned Tower Building

BRI Tower office building located at Jalan Basuki Rahmat , Surabaya , East Java, caught fire on Monday afternoon 28 April 2014 . Hotspots occurred on the 17th floor of an office occupied by Telkomsel . " Presumably because the electrical panel but we can not be sure , " said Head of Fire Fighting , Oeratmangun Chandra told reporters at the BRI Tower , Monday, April 28, 2014 .

Until now , the fire can not be extinguished from the clouds of smoke filled the building around 13:15 pm . A total of five fire trucks were deployed to extinguish the flames . According to Chandra , blackouts plagued the thick smoke . " So that makes it difficult personnel combing the location , " he said .
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As a result , dozens of personnel Tackling wearing a gas cylinder oxygen to break into the 17th floor . Meanwhile, the loss can not be estimated due to the vegetables in the flames .

Chandra says has not received reports of casualties . Related reports of visitors being stuck in the elevator has not received. However , he was sure nothing is stuck in the lift , for immediate evacuation via the fire escape .

All employees and visitors still meet building environment . " Once there is smoke , immediately evacuated because the whole system runs fine kebarakan warning , " said the guard BRI Tower , Joko .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

KPK Immediate Release Letter ' Fatwa ' iPod , The Recipient Must Immediately Restore

KPK Immediate Release Letter ' Fatwa ' iPod , The Recipient Must Immediately Restore
KPK leaders has issued a decision on the iPod souvenir polemics were distributed in children 's wedding party secretary MA , Nurhadi . Official decision letter will be issued soon .

"If the leadership's decision was already there , but the official letter will be issued soon , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi when contacted by AFP on Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) .
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After the official letter was issued , the Commission gave 7 working days to the recipient to restore the iPod to the Commission . That is , if an official letter about the ' fatwa ' iPod was released today , then Tuesday ( 06/05/2014 ) is the last time return of the iPod .

So , what if there are officials who have not returned the iPod on next Tuesday ?

" One of the weaknesses of the law we can not ensnare directly . So there must be a first report if the officials suspected of accepting bribes in the form of an iPod , the new offense could be subject to criminal acts of corruption , " said Johan .

Based on information received , the Commission has picked up 2,500 names of the invited guests who receive a wedding gift when the child's iPod Nurhadi . Register a name that is obtained when the Commission calling for clarification related Nurhadi chaos giving music players was worth hundreds of thousands .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Foreign "Lost", Local Retailers Still Rule the Bandung and Bali!

Globalization continue to drive the growth of the retail business and shopping centers . In any city in Indonesia will be easily found similar retailers , from clothing retailers and culinary Matahari Department Store , Kentucky Fried Chicken , Solaria to Kafe Betawi available in all major cities and second tier cities and third .

However , according to Associate Director of Research and Advisory at Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia , Soany Gunawan , an area that has not been " intimidated " by the impact of globalization massive retailer is Bandung and Bali . Both the city still has the power to local content .

" That is why , the visitors who come to the shopping centers in both regions more immigrants or tourists , " said Soany to , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

London is rich with creative industries . They have clothing and culinary production base is very strong, and supported by the garment industry , convection , and home-cooked meals . So , naturally when the factory outlet or a local clothing stores and traditional food in London still rule the retail clothing than a national or global scale .

Also, as with Bali . Local stores that lined the tourist spots is still the target of locals and tourists ( foreign and domestic ) . Meanwhile , visitors who shop in modern shopping centers instead of migrants from Java .

That is why , further Soany , shopping centers fared long and crowded on weekdays and weekends in both areas is the concept of differentiation specific to the unique architectural design . A concrete example is the Bali Beach Walk ( Bali ) , Paris Van Java Mall and Cihampelas Walk ( London ) .

" All three of the shopping center 's occupancy rate recorded over 90 percent and the rate of thousands to tens of thousands of visits per day , " said Soany .

Meanwhile , in other areas it does not get a feel of the locality of the place . These conditions should be arrested jelly by the developer . Because Soany say , build a shopping center not only consider the number of population , but also purchasing power , environmental conditions , and the market in general .
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" If there is no differentiation alias carries the same concept of the shopping center , it is not possible cannibalism . 's Like happens in shopping centers Transmall Makassar , to cite an example . Establishing a shopping center is not just a big box construction , but also the management of tenancy mix , " Soany said .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Falling aircraft, 8 Paratroopers Killed in Finland

The Finnish investigators and police said eight people were killed when a small plane carrying parachutists , crashed and burned in Jamijarvi , a small town in western Finland , on Sunday ( 20/4 ) .

Jamijarvi is located approximately 150 kilometers from the capital Helsinki .

The police said eight victims of the 11 passengers was found in the Comp Air 8 aircraft in a charred condition .

" Three people , including the pilot survived a crash after their parachute plunge , " said Superintendent Petri Kangas as reported by / / Fox News .

Kangas added , until now investigators did not know the exact cause of the plane crash .
Some parties say , before the plane crashed , some parts of the aircraft appeared to fall .

Investigation Safety Authority Finland Ismo Aaltonen says , with the standard cost is in Finland , the incident was the most serious aircraft accidents in recent decades .
( Read: penangkaran anis merah )

" According to the information gathered , the aircraft is at a relatively high altitude over which is more than 10,000 feet before it crashed , " Aaltonen said during a news conference shortly After the plane crashed .


No Islamic Organizations Forum Ask Presidential Candidates Name

Meeting a number of community organizations in the Indonesian Council of Ulema Islam encourages Muslims to establish a coalition of political parties positioned facing presidential elections . Chairman of the Council of Ulama Shamsuddin said the forum Din Islamic organizations do not encourage one name as a candidate for president or vice president .

" We do not talk figures as individuals , " said Din Muslim brotherhood Forum after a meeting at the office of the MUI , Monday, April 21, 2014 . Din who is also Chairman of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah Islamic organization said the coalition leaves the decision to each party .
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The meeting between the Islamic organizations , said Din , deliberately did not push the figure to be carried . The reason , this forum is not a political movement . ( Read here : Jokowi - Prabowo Vying Find Support Islamic Party )

Joint Board of Nahdlatul Ulama chairman Said Aqil Siradj and MUI ruf Amin , Din will meet with the Islamic party to follow up on this meeting . He invited the Islamic party to establish communication with the other party . " We will soon meet to deliver option A , option B , and option C , " he said .

Associated with discourse coalition Indonesia Raya was initiated by Amien Rais , Din discourse let it roll . Discourse , he said , growing out of the forum that he led . "I think ( discourse ) will be okay . "


Friday, April 18, 2014

Romi denies there is change of the Secretary General of PPP

Politicians Romahurmuziy stated is not true if the position as Secretary General of the PPP has been replaced by Isa Muchsin .

" Until this hour written release 16:45 pm , General Secretary PPP still held by Muchammad Romahurmuziy discretion formation PPP VII Conference in Bandung in 2011 . Wasekjen statement is not true PPP Saifullah Tamliha stating that existing rolling Secretary General of PPP , which is based on meeting Daily Manager ( PH ) mentioned DPP held today , " Romi said in a release here on Friday .

The meeting this morning at around 10:00 to 11:30 pm , held at the PPP led only attended by 15 people from 55 Member Executive Committee PPP . Article 57 paragraph ( 2 ) Bylaws ( ART ) Meeting PH PPP states valid if attended by half of the Executive Board Members .

That is , the meeting shall be valid if attended by DPP pH of at least 28 Members PH DPP . " Against a statement saying the decision was based on the provisions of article 9, paragraph ( 2 ) ART PPP submitted that the decision should be based on " matter of urgency " in which it was never there .

" That decision can only be done jointly by the chairman , 4 vice chairman , head of field organization , general secretary , and Wasekjen field organization . Which of these things did not happen , " said Romi .
( Read: harga jual burung cucak ijo )

He said the PPP had never administered the relevant decree of dismissal or anyone rolling PPP functionaries .

" Thus , any decree that appears , is illegal , violates the AD / ART PPP , AND thus null and void according to the results of our consultation to the Court Party , " said Romi .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ask KPK Prevent Private Party

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) cast a precautionary request to the Directorate General of Immigration Law and Human Rights Ministry .

Request prevent the investigation of cases of alleged corruption related investments with CV Gold Asset Syahrul R Sampurnajaya suspects . "The Commission has sent a request on behalf of Herlina Triana prevented from private , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .

He said demand prevent it from 14 April 2014 up to six months. Prevention is to facilitate the investigation process if the Commission requires information from witnesses .

KPK investigators still continue to develop cases that ensnared Syahrul . The former head of the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory ( Bappebti ) was allegedly receiving gratification associated with his position .

Investigators have already made ​​efforts to Syahrul detention since early March . This case is the development of a case of alleged bribery permit the construction of the tomb is not common in Antajaya village , Tanjung Sari , Bogor , West Java . Syahrul became a suspect in the case.

In the investigation of the case , the Commission had previously been floated for some people tried to stop the demand .
(see also: jual burung kenari )

Such as the President Director of PT Jakarta Futures Exchange Rana Sherman , Director of the Jakarta Futures Exchange Mochamad Bihar Sakti , and Commissioner of PT Artha Futures Jalatama Hansen Wibowo . The three men were prevented since March 18, 2014 for a period of six months.


There are no Prabowo in HUT-62 Kopassus

Special Forces Command ( Kopassus ) celebrated the 62nd anniversary every April 16. Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra Prabowo Subiyanto not present in the simple celebration of the 62nd anniversary of Kopassus Special Forces Headquarters , Cijantung , East Jakarta .

Commander General ( Danjen ) Special Forces , Maj. Gen. Agus Sutomo said, the absence of a number of senior Kopassus because nowadays, due to the ongoing presidential election ( election ) .

" We must respect the existing situation . We were a party of democracy in Indonesia , so we did not invite special . We prefer that internally, " said Agus at Mako Kopassus , Cijantung , East Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .
( Read: cara download youtube gratis )
Known , Prabowo was a former corps commander general of the red berets .
Furthermore, Agus Sutomo said Kopassus anniversary birthday celebration need not be fancy.

" Not luxury , but a tradition that should continue to watch , " said Maj. Gen. Agus .
Agus explained , this anniversary celebration as well as a Special Forces personnel evaluation materials . Simultaneously exposing thanks for the birth of Special Forces community has entered the age of 62 years .

This event more social activities . There are no events that highlight luxury .
" Just cut the cone course . Then we multiply social activities , such as for groceries , visiting social institutions Cipayung , pilgrimage to Kalibata Heroes Cemetery , looked to the wounded soldiers , handicapped as duty operations in East Timor , " he explained .

Today the number of veterans and retired Cijantung present in the Central Command . In addition , some brought a number of dangdut music director .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Wilmar's expansion into Myanmar

National agribusiness company owned by businessman Martua Sitorus , Wilmar International Ltd. , began to explore the sugar market in Southeast Asia .

Through its subsidiary , Wilmar Sugar Pte . Ltd. . , Forming a joint venture with Wilmar sugar companies from Myanmar , Great Wall Food Stuff Industry Company Limited .

In the cooperation agreement , the Singapore-based company will become the majority shareholder of 55% . The remaining 45% will be owned by the Great Wall .

The new company was formed under the name of Great Wall - Wilmar Holdings Limited . As planned , the Great Wall - Wilmar will acquire and manage the entire sugar business assets that have been previously owned by Great Wall .
see alsovitamin burung cendet )

Great Wall Assets include two factories with a capacity of 4,000 metric tons ( mt ) of cane per day and 65,000 mt of sugar per year , a bio- ethanol plant and the processing of organic compounds .

" The process of acquisition (business acquisition agreement / BAA ) assets will be carried out in several stages according to the applicable regulations of Myanmar , " said Wilmar Management in Singapore in an official statement on Monday ( 14/4 ) .

Management Wilmar said the establishment of the new company has not had a material impact on the company's performance can be consolidated . The Wilmar investment in Great Wall - Wilmar will be funded entirely through internal cash .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

RY deadline PPP discuss the fate of the SDA

Central Executive Council of the United Development Party ( PPP ) are required to hold a plenary meeting no later than April 15, 2014 to discuss the fate of PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) .

This demand was coming from the 27 council leader region ( DPW ) , associated with the presence of Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) in Gerindra campaign , on Sunday, March 23, 2014 ago , at the Bung Karno Main Stadium ( GBK ) , Senayan , Jakarta .

" We recommend to the DPP DPP immediately hold a plenary meeting no later than April 15, to immediately take strategic steps , enforce party discipline and enforce the rules of the party , " said Chairman of the Regional Council of the United Development Party ( PPP ) Jawa Barat , Rachmat Yasin at Hotel Lorin , Sentul , Bogor Regency , West Java , on Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) night .

As is known , this evening , 27 DPW PPP has held a coordination meeting to discuss the fate of their general chairman , Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) at the Lorin Hotel Sentul , Bogor regency , West Java .

"If the DPP later conclusion stating that the chairman violated AD / ART , Mukernas decision , then we ask the DPP dropped the right to select the appropriate AD / ART . Here's what we hope this agreement can answer where the direction of the PPP in fact over the years, " said Regent Bogor this .

RY saapan familiar Rachmat Yasin asserted , that until now , the PPP has not made a coalition with anyone and any party .
( see also: obat burung kacer )

"If the PPP rule by AD / ART , Mukernas decision , that the decision to form a coalition or nominate presidential and vice presidential candidate , it must be decided in a meeting of national leaders , " said RY .


Friday, April 11, 2014

Upcoming Google Now Can Find Car parking

We continue to develop new features in its service , one for apps Google Now . Reportedly , the upcoming Google Now will be able to help users find where the car park .

Reporting from phonearena , before Google Now has provided the option for users that automatically add an event to the calendar based on what you mentioned in other Google products , such as Google+ . Now Google is developing a new feature that Google now allows you to more easily find the location where your car is parked .

(see also: waptrick)

There are only a few lines of code , named " car_location " , and this feature will read " Where you parked " . Now Google will use your location to the point of a point of reminder , as a benchmark of travel information , and much more . And this is the information that will be used as one of the basic information Google Now to determine the location of your car .

Indeed, so far the Google has not officially announced this feature to the public , but with Google Now keep updating step including synchronization services with Maps , this feature is not likely to go live in the coming renewal Google Now .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Manage your photos on Dropbox Now More Exciting

Dropbox is now no longer just for storing files such as photos or videos to the cloud . For updates Dropbox allows photo management is now much more enjoyable .

Dropbox feature is meant by Carousel . With Carousel , the ability to manage photos or videos can now be much more interactive .
(see also: pakan burung pleci)

" We introduce Carousel , photo galleries and videos from your life . 's A combination of features in Dropbox with a photo album on the phone , " wrote the official Dropbox blog , which is quoted on Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

"Managing photos or video will be as easy as you now manage it in the phone . Includes lists the location and date of collection . , But it will not take up much memory on your phone , so that photos and videos can be stored much more , " added DropBox .

Some of the features of the existing Carousel plucks at Snapjoy , mobile application acquired by Dropbox in December 2012.

Steps taken by Dropbox is nothing more attractive to users and investors , before they will take the floor at the stock exchange or an IPO (Initial Public Offering ) in the near future .


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Robots are deployed underwater search for the black box MH370

Head -finding team of former Royal Australian Air Force Angus Houston said the search for the black box flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines today will use a robotic submarine that will explore Indian Ocean seabed .

Yesterday Houston said the findings signal the plane's black boxes in the search area into the most promising clue so far . While the hope of finding flakes or debris MH370 at sea level is now diminishing.

Houston also said that at this time the possibility of deploying an unmanned submarine Bluefin - 21 made ​​in the United States is getting closer .

" I think we are getting close to that time , " he said , as reported by the site , Tuesday ( 8/4 ) .

Search now focused into the region 600 kilometers south of the Indian Ocean , or the west coast of Australia
(see also: lomba burung dara)

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss expressed optimism tone against MH370 search process .

"Today is an important day when we tried to get back the signal from the black box MH370 , " he said .

Two days ago an Australian owned ship Ocean Shield detects two signals from the plane's black boxes at a depth of 4,500 meters below sea level


Monday, March 31, 2014

Malaysia "Correction" Last sentence of the cockpit MH370 Malaysia Airlines

Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia , Monday ( 31/03/2014 ) , " rectify " the last sentence is sent from the aircraft cockpit Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 coded missing on Saturday ( 03/08/2014 ) .

The authority said the last sentence received by air traffic control tower of the aircraft cockpit is " Good night three seven zero dollar " . Previously , Malaysian authorities stated the last sentence of the cockpit is " All right , good night" . (see also: download wallpapers terbaru)

Correction was delivered after a series of criticism rained down on Malaysian authorities over the handling of the missing plane with 239 people on board it . Families of passengers , the majority of Chinese , Malaysian alleges withheld information and failed to manage the search effort .

" We want to confirm that the last conversation transcripts between air traffic controllers and the cockpit is at 01:19 ( Malaysia time ) and ( the sentence is ) ' Good night three seven zero dollar ' , " said the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation said in a statement .

Malaysian Ambassador to China told families of passengers in Beijing , Wednesday ( 03/12/2014 ) , that the last sentence of the cockpit is " All right , good night" . The use of the phrase " Good night Malaysian three seven zero " is a more formal version of the standard " farewell " from the cockpit of the Boeing 777 , to leave the Malaysian air space in the route to Beijing .

The statement from the civil aviation authorities out after Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein got a question about the last words from the cockpit and refused last released an official transcript of the conversation .

In a statement from aviation authorities presented that is still ongoing forensic investigation to make sure that last sentence uttered by the pilot or copilot . Previously , Malaysia Airlines stated that last sentence was pronounced copilot MH370 .
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Department of Civil Aviation said the investigative team has been instructed to convey the full transcript of the conversation between the cockpit and the last air traffic control tower . According to the plan , the submission made ​​at the next meeting with the kin of passengers .


Friday, March 14, 2014

Preventing Abrasion with Pandan and Acid

Prevent coastal erosion is usually done by planting mangroves . However , in Ende , Flores , East Nusa Tenggara , pandanus plant communities , hibiscus , ketapan , Angsana , and acid . The involvement of citizens with their own seeds to sow admirable though it also remains to be tested results.
(see also: obat burung)

Tide occurs twice a year since 1992 and its peak in 2009 , when a knee-high waves crashing to an adult , really make coastal communities and the environment Puunaka Rate , Cape Village , District of Ende , Flores , East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT ) , was suffering .

In addition, people Puunaka and Rate fishermen also worried that the majority of the tsunami threat given the NTT is prone to earthquakes . Especially when considering the devastating 1992 earthquake .

Therefore , people are excited when Flores Institute for Resources Development ( FIRD ) offers coastal greening activities , particularly in the Cape Village and neighboring areas , the Village Paupanda . As a first step , FIRD who began advocating the tidal wave disaster in July 2009 with the community and then to plant 150 trees ketapan within a radius of about 20 meters from the shoreline in October 2010 . Members of the Military District Command ( Kodim ) 1602/Ende also involved in these activities .

To facilitate the coordination of the five groups formed in the village of Tanjung penghijau mangrove ( each group consisted of five people ) , and four in Paupanda groups ( each group consisting of 10 people ) .

The ninth group was given a target to sow and produce approximately 10,000 seedlings to be planted along 2,500 meters along the coastline , from Cape to Paupanda .

In contrast to other regions are generally planted mangroves to resist abrasion , on the Cape and this Paupanda they chose hibiscus , Angsana , ketapan , pandanus , and acid .

The reason is simple , the plants that grow there so easy to membibitkan . Angsana , ketapan , acid , and hibiscus can also function as a shade beach , while pandan chosen because it has strong roots .

" Mangroves if planted in the north coast of Flores may be appropriate because the muddy soil , whereas here the sand is not good for the soil . In addition , hibiscus here much , so easily nursery . The wood can also be used to make a boat , " said Chairman of the Mangrove Environment penghijau Puunaka Abdul Hamid ( 45 ) , the beginning of June .

In February 2011 , along FIRD Puunaka and Rate society , including members of the District Military Command 1602/Ende and a number of non-governmental organizations and local authorities to plant another 450 trees hibiscus , Angsana , and pandanus .

disaster preparedness

Hamid also said that the local community excited about the programs offered FIRD because of the reforestation activities , the group will be empowered economically , through the manufacture of salt and duck pond .

" We want them not only be receiving assistance , but do little to force them to keep the ecosystem in the coastal environment . It is also for the good of them , especially in reducing the risk of disasters such as tidal waves and the threat of Mount Yes , " said village facilitators FIRD , Vincent Sangu .

FIRD also only facilitate , among others, to prepare polybag nursery , including the cost of eating for people to work , especially when planting .

Financial support for the salt ponds and duck will be given to the public in stages to record progress coast after greening . " The target of 10,000 trees meant if there are plants that die , there is still a lot of seeds that can be planted . At least , within five years the plants grow really well , " said Vincent .

In connection with this program , on Sunday ( 5/6 ) and also formed Village Disaster Response Team consisting of 48 people cape . The team has two main tasks, namely concerning activities before disasters or disaster preparedness and post-disaster .

The team will include works to increase knowledge and awareness of how to deal with or act on post-disaster situations .

The team also plans to create a dike safety along 500 meters . Temporary dike was also to test . The material of bamboo , palm fiber , soil , sand , and a sack . Of the estimated cost of USD 30 million , will bear FIRD USD 20 million . The rest of the budget helped Ende .

The execution of the embankment will be done by the citizens of mutual cooperation . The series of 2 meter high bamboo sticks tied with fibers, and then plugged into shore . For the amplifier , behind the " fence " was put bamboo sacks of sand and soil . Behind that pile of sacks , a tree will be planted . It is estimated , the strength of the embankment about two years .

The hope , embankment while it is able to withstand the blow wave while waiting for trees planted roots grow strong enough .

Head of Section for Economic and Urban Development Tanjung M Ruslan admit , as many as 48 homes were occupied by 53 families in the neighborhood and Rate Puunaka it is in the green lane coastal border . However , the government is not easy to relocate away.

Because of this , he was very supportive of the program are assessed FIRD give a solution .

still embryo

In addition to the high wave -prone , it is also prone region affected by the eruption of Mount Iya ( 637 meters ) . The last eruption occurred January 27, 1969 that killed 10 people and wounded resident following a flood of lava in a number of places , including the rate and Puunaka .

According to Ruslan , before the eruption of 1969, Kampung Rate and Puunaka located on the slopes of an active volcano that is the ocean which then turned into the land as lava buried . Mount Iya recorded since 1871 until 1969 erupted eight times .

In 1992 , when the great earthquake struck , most of the land in the ocean Rate and Puunaka closed back and since that time the area became a tidal wave disaster subscription .

" In accordance with the input of the elders in the village Rate , first at the edge of the beach there is also a casuarina tree , but this time no longer exists . It's good not only planting in coastal hibiscus tree , but also casuarina . Because if styled well , it is quite possible to be a tourist attraction that is very attractive beaches . Therefore , from the beautiful Puunaka Rate and watching the sunset , " said Ruslan .
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Now , what do people rate and with the support of various parties Puunaka it is just the beginning . Plants that have grown even partially dead . However , all efforts to mitigate disasters , reducing the risk and impact of disasters should be supported . Especially , the spirit of community that has begun to emerge must continue to be nurtured so that they do not become discouraged in the middle of the road ....


Friday, March 7, 2014

Regarding Salak Glance

Salak is one type of fruit which has its own characteristics which have skin like the scales of a snake . This fruit is one of the tropical plant with the scientific name Sallaca edulis .
(see also: pakan burung)

Distinctive Fruit Tree Bark
The characteristics of the fruit trees that have Salak snake scales are :

Almost no short- da trunk because the trunk barely visible due to the segment - ruasnya dense and enclosed by the leaf midrib sealed , has a lot of thorns , slither and many have children , grow as clumps of dense and strong , formed rhizomes , and has many branch .
In addition , this plant also has a leaf or stem of the bone secrete many sharp thorns of the sheath will then grow flowers barking . Well flowers bark is then going to form or become fruits .
The characteristics of Salak fruit itself is :

Triangular with the base edges are tapered and spherical.
Clustered in the form of fruit bunches .
Dark brown , shiny and finned regularly .
Seeds usually consist of 1 to 3 pieces .

 Salak fruit deployment
Barked plants scattered throughout the archipelago because of this type of plant is a plant that can be grown in lowland , even developed in almost all types of soil . In an area of ​​the plant is grown above the soil type latosol yellow to brown red . This plant grows to a height of about 7 meters above sea level , these plants do not like direct sunlight .

The types of fruit Salak in Indonesia
The fruits were not only one , based kultivarnya in Indonesia , the fruit is divided into 20 to 30 species under the species . While the most well-known types are : barking Simpiduan of North Sumatra , Jakarta Condet bark , bark Pondoh of Yogyakarta , Bali from Bali barking , and barking from Bangkalan Madura Madura . Each type has a characteristic bark that have been cultivated by different regions have different cultures .

scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division : Magnoliophyta
Class : Liliopsida
Order : Arecales
Family: Arecaceae
Genus : Salacca
Species : S. zalacca
binomial name
Salacca zalacca
( Gaertn. ) Voss
Salacca Reinw edulis .
Calamus zalacca Gaertn . (see also: pabrik pakan burung)

Lastly, you need to know turns fruit with skin that resemble snake scales proved to have various benefits . Among the benefits are contained in fruits : for eye pain medications , medications for diarrhea or diarrhea , to help the diet , and for a healthy snack .


Monday, February 24, 2014

Application Bing Add 15 New 3D City

In December, Microsoft has launched Bing Maps application for Windows 8.1 Preview . This application allows users to view a map of the landscape can be zoom -in to see the details of cities around the world .

( see also: lomba burung )

Reported by Slashgear , Tuesday ( 25/02/2014 ) , Microsoft Bing adds maps in 3D view for 15 major cities , mostly in the United States . These cities include Seattle , Gulport , Shreveport , Baton Rouge , Columbus ( GA ) , Tallahassee , Gainesville , San Francisco , Sacramento , Bakersfield , and Montgomery .

Bing also added cities in Spain such as Murcia and Marbella and Duisburg in Germany . This addition can be beneficial for the tourists or you happen to visit the city and knowing the map in 3D view .

The 3D map is created thanks to the expertise of professionals , including those that work in the video game industry , experts photogrammetrist . In addition , the process involves the 3D map is created from aerial photo shots with high-definition quality .

( see also: lomba burung kenari )

This digital 3D world can then be explored using your fingertips on mobile devices . With a three-dimensional view , users can see the physical building and the ability to see the city with a rotation different viewpoints . ( ahl )