Saturday, May 24, 2014

Check AGO Ahok Support Team Success Ex Jokowi

Jakarta Vice Governor , Basuki T Purnama ( Ahok ) newly admitted knowing and praised Attorney General's Office ( AGO ) , which examine the entrepreneur from Solo , Michael Ben Putranto .

Just to note , Ben is a successful team ( Timses ) Jokowi current gubernatorial elections ( Pilgub ) Jakarta 2012 and, in fact not only that Ben also often help a former mayor of Solo was four times the local elections ( elections) .

" Good dong . Means that the same written Tempo is true , " said Ahok briefly at Banteng Square , Central Jakarta , Friday, May 23, 2014 .
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Given this examination then Ahok sure if the former Kadishub Jakarta , Udar Pristono have no basis for defamation over allegations made ​​by Ahok and will be reported to the Police Headquarters .

" Udar was suspect . Nah bisalah . Why Tempo also participate dilaporin baseball , " he said briefly .

Attorney General Michael Ben checking for memita testimony in the investigation of cases of alleged corruption in the procurement TransJakarta by Jakarta Transportation Agency to answer questions about the agenda with the introduction and procurement Jokowi TransJakarta bus .


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