Monday, March 31, 2014

Malaysia "Correction" Last sentence of the cockpit MH370 Malaysia Airlines

Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia , Monday ( 31/03/2014 ) , " rectify " the last sentence is sent from the aircraft cockpit Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 coded missing on Saturday ( 03/08/2014 ) .

The authority said the last sentence received by air traffic control tower of the aircraft cockpit is " Good night three seven zero dollar " . Previously , Malaysian authorities stated the last sentence of the cockpit is " All right , good night" . (see also: download wallpapers terbaru)

Correction was delivered after a series of criticism rained down on Malaysian authorities over the handling of the missing plane with 239 people on board it . Families of passengers , the majority of Chinese , Malaysian alleges withheld information and failed to manage the search effort .

" We want to confirm that the last conversation transcripts between air traffic controllers and the cockpit is at 01:19 ( Malaysia time ) and ( the sentence is ) ' Good night three seven zero dollar ' , " said the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation said in a statement .

Malaysian Ambassador to China told families of passengers in Beijing , Wednesday ( 03/12/2014 ) , that the last sentence of the cockpit is " All right , good night" . The use of the phrase " Good night Malaysian three seven zero " is a more formal version of the standard " farewell " from the cockpit of the Boeing 777 , to leave the Malaysian air space in the route to Beijing .

The statement from the civil aviation authorities out after Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein got a question about the last words from the cockpit and refused last released an official transcript of the conversation .

In a statement from aviation authorities presented that is still ongoing forensic investigation to make sure that last sentence uttered by the pilot or copilot . Previously , Malaysia Airlines stated that last sentence was pronounced copilot MH370 .
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Department of Civil Aviation said the investigative team has been instructed to convey the full transcript of the conversation between the cockpit and the last air traffic control tower . According to the plan , the submission made ​​at the next meeting with the kin of passengers .


Friday, March 14, 2014

Preventing Abrasion with Pandan and Acid

Prevent coastal erosion is usually done by planting mangroves . However , in Ende , Flores , East Nusa Tenggara , pandanus plant communities , hibiscus , ketapan , Angsana , and acid . The involvement of citizens with their own seeds to sow admirable though it also remains to be tested results.
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Tide occurs twice a year since 1992 and its peak in 2009 , when a knee-high waves crashing to an adult , really make coastal communities and the environment Puunaka Rate , Cape Village , District of Ende , Flores , East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT ) , was suffering .

In addition, people Puunaka and Rate fishermen also worried that the majority of the tsunami threat given the NTT is prone to earthquakes . Especially when considering the devastating 1992 earthquake .

Therefore , people are excited when Flores Institute for Resources Development ( FIRD ) offers coastal greening activities , particularly in the Cape Village and neighboring areas , the Village Paupanda . As a first step , FIRD who began advocating the tidal wave disaster in July 2009 with the community and then to plant 150 trees ketapan within a radius of about 20 meters from the shoreline in October 2010 . Members of the Military District Command ( Kodim ) 1602/Ende also involved in these activities .

To facilitate the coordination of the five groups formed in the village of Tanjung penghijau mangrove ( each group consisted of five people ) , and four in Paupanda groups ( each group consisting of 10 people ) .

The ninth group was given a target to sow and produce approximately 10,000 seedlings to be planted along 2,500 meters along the coastline , from Cape to Paupanda .

In contrast to other regions are generally planted mangroves to resist abrasion , on the Cape and this Paupanda they chose hibiscus , Angsana , ketapan , pandanus , and acid .

The reason is simple , the plants that grow there so easy to membibitkan . Angsana , ketapan , acid , and hibiscus can also function as a shade beach , while pandan chosen because it has strong roots .

" Mangroves if planted in the north coast of Flores may be appropriate because the muddy soil , whereas here the sand is not good for the soil . In addition , hibiscus here much , so easily nursery . The wood can also be used to make a boat , " said Chairman of the Mangrove Environment penghijau Puunaka Abdul Hamid ( 45 ) , the beginning of June .

In February 2011 , along FIRD Puunaka and Rate society , including members of the District Military Command 1602/Ende and a number of non-governmental organizations and local authorities to plant another 450 trees hibiscus , Angsana , and pandanus .

disaster preparedness

Hamid also said that the local community excited about the programs offered FIRD because of the reforestation activities , the group will be empowered economically , through the manufacture of salt and duck pond .

" We want them not only be receiving assistance , but do little to force them to keep the ecosystem in the coastal environment . It is also for the good of them , especially in reducing the risk of disasters such as tidal waves and the threat of Mount Yes , " said village facilitators FIRD , Vincent Sangu .

FIRD also only facilitate , among others, to prepare polybag nursery , including the cost of eating for people to work , especially when planting .

Financial support for the salt ponds and duck will be given to the public in stages to record progress coast after greening . " The target of 10,000 trees meant if there are plants that die , there is still a lot of seeds that can be planted . At least , within five years the plants grow really well , " said Vincent .

In connection with this program , on Sunday ( 5/6 ) and also formed Village Disaster Response Team consisting of 48 people cape . The team has two main tasks, namely concerning activities before disasters or disaster preparedness and post-disaster .

The team will include works to increase knowledge and awareness of how to deal with or act on post-disaster situations .

The team also plans to create a dike safety along 500 meters . Temporary dike was also to test . The material of bamboo , palm fiber , soil , sand , and a sack . Of the estimated cost of USD 30 million , will bear FIRD USD 20 million . The rest of the budget helped Ende .

The execution of the embankment will be done by the citizens of mutual cooperation . The series of 2 meter high bamboo sticks tied with fibers, and then plugged into shore . For the amplifier , behind the " fence " was put bamboo sacks of sand and soil . Behind that pile of sacks , a tree will be planted . It is estimated , the strength of the embankment about two years .

The hope , embankment while it is able to withstand the blow wave while waiting for trees planted roots grow strong enough .

Head of Section for Economic and Urban Development Tanjung M Ruslan admit , as many as 48 homes were occupied by 53 families in the neighborhood and Rate Puunaka it is in the green lane coastal border . However , the government is not easy to relocate away.

Because of this , he was very supportive of the program are assessed FIRD give a solution .

still embryo

In addition to the high wave -prone , it is also prone region affected by the eruption of Mount Iya ( 637 meters ) . The last eruption occurred January 27, 1969 that killed 10 people and wounded resident following a flood of lava in a number of places , including the rate and Puunaka .

According to Ruslan , before the eruption of 1969, Kampung Rate and Puunaka located on the slopes of an active volcano that is the ocean which then turned into the land as lava buried . Mount Iya recorded since 1871 until 1969 erupted eight times .

In 1992 , when the great earthquake struck , most of the land in the ocean Rate and Puunaka closed back and since that time the area became a tidal wave disaster subscription .

" In accordance with the input of the elders in the village Rate , first at the edge of the beach there is also a casuarina tree , but this time no longer exists . It's good not only planting in coastal hibiscus tree , but also casuarina . Because if styled well , it is quite possible to be a tourist attraction that is very attractive beaches . Therefore , from the beautiful Puunaka Rate and watching the sunset , " said Ruslan .
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Now , what do people rate and with the support of various parties Puunaka it is just the beginning . Plants that have grown even partially dead . However , all efforts to mitigate disasters , reducing the risk and impact of disasters should be supported . Especially , the spirit of community that has begun to emerge must continue to be nurtured so that they do not become discouraged in the middle of the road ....


Friday, March 7, 2014

Regarding Salak Glance

Salak is one type of fruit which has its own characteristics which have skin like the scales of a snake . This fruit is one of the tropical plant with the scientific name Sallaca edulis .
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Distinctive Fruit Tree Bark
The characteristics of the fruit trees that have Salak snake scales are :

Almost no short- da trunk because the trunk barely visible due to the segment - ruasnya dense and enclosed by the leaf midrib sealed , has a lot of thorns , slither and many have children , grow as clumps of dense and strong , formed rhizomes , and has many branch .
In addition , this plant also has a leaf or stem of the bone secrete many sharp thorns of the sheath will then grow flowers barking . Well flowers bark is then going to form or become fruits .
The characteristics of Salak fruit itself is :

Triangular with the base edges are tapered and spherical.
Clustered in the form of fruit bunches .
Dark brown , shiny and finned regularly .
Seeds usually consist of 1 to 3 pieces .

 Salak fruit deployment
Barked plants scattered throughout the archipelago because of this type of plant is a plant that can be grown in lowland , even developed in almost all types of soil . In an area of ​​the plant is grown above the soil type latosol yellow to brown red . This plant grows to a height of about 7 meters above sea level , these plants do not like direct sunlight .

The types of fruit Salak in Indonesia
The fruits were not only one , based kultivarnya in Indonesia , the fruit is divided into 20 to 30 species under the species . While the most well-known types are : barking Simpiduan of North Sumatra , Jakarta Condet bark , bark Pondoh of Yogyakarta , Bali from Bali barking , and barking from Bangkalan Madura Madura . Each type has a characteristic bark that have been cultivated by different regions have different cultures .

scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division : Magnoliophyta
Class : Liliopsida
Order : Arecales
Family: Arecaceae
Genus : Salacca
Species : S. zalacca
binomial name
Salacca zalacca
( Gaertn. ) Voss
Salacca Reinw edulis .
Calamus zalacca Gaertn . (see also: pabrik pakan burung)

Lastly, you need to know turns fruit with skin that resemble snake scales proved to have various benefits . Among the benefits are contained in fruits : for eye pain medications , medications for diarrhea or diarrhea , to help the diet , and for a healthy snack .