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Regarding Salak Glance

Salak is one type of fruit which has its own characteristics which have skin like the scales of a snake . This fruit is one of the tropical plant with the scientific name Sallaca edulis .
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Distinctive Fruit Tree Bark
The characteristics of the fruit trees that have Salak snake scales are :

Almost no short- da trunk because the trunk barely visible due to the segment - ruasnya dense and enclosed by the leaf midrib sealed , has a lot of thorns , slither and many have children , grow as clumps of dense and strong , formed rhizomes , and has many branch .
In addition , this plant also has a leaf or stem of the bone secrete many sharp thorns of the sheath will then grow flowers barking . Well flowers bark is then going to form or become fruits .
The characteristics of Salak fruit itself is :

Triangular with the base edges are tapered and spherical.
Clustered in the form of fruit bunches .
Dark brown , shiny and finned regularly .
Seeds usually consist of 1 to 3 pieces .

 Salak fruit deployment
Barked plants scattered throughout the archipelago because of this type of plant is a plant that can be grown in lowland , even developed in almost all types of soil . In an area of ​​the plant is grown above the soil type latosol yellow to brown red . This plant grows to a height of about 7 meters above sea level , these plants do not like direct sunlight .

The types of fruit Salak in Indonesia
The fruits were not only one , based kultivarnya in Indonesia , the fruit is divided into 20 to 30 species under the species . While the most well-known types are : barking Simpiduan of North Sumatra , Jakarta Condet bark , bark Pondoh of Yogyakarta , Bali from Bali barking , and barking from Bangkalan Madura Madura . Each type has a characteristic bark that have been cultivated by different regions have different cultures .

scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division : Magnoliophyta
Class : Liliopsida
Order : Arecales
Family: Arecaceae
Genus : Salacca
Species : S. zalacca
binomial name
Salacca zalacca
( Gaertn. ) Voss
Salacca Reinw edulis .
Calamus zalacca Gaertn . (see also: pabrik pakan burung)

Lastly, you need to know turns fruit with skin that resemble snake scales proved to have various benefits . Among the benefits are contained in fruits : for eye pain medications , medications for diarrhea or diarrhea , to help the diet , and for a healthy snack .


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