Monday, March 31, 2014

Malaysia "Correction" Last sentence of the cockpit MH370 Malaysia Airlines

Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia , Monday ( 31/03/2014 ) , " rectify " the last sentence is sent from the aircraft cockpit Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 coded missing on Saturday ( 03/08/2014 ) .

The authority said the last sentence received by air traffic control tower of the aircraft cockpit is " Good night three seven zero dollar " . Previously , Malaysian authorities stated the last sentence of the cockpit is " All right , good night" . (see also: download wallpapers terbaru)

Correction was delivered after a series of criticism rained down on Malaysian authorities over the handling of the missing plane with 239 people on board it . Families of passengers , the majority of Chinese , Malaysian alleges withheld information and failed to manage the search effort .

" We want to confirm that the last conversation transcripts between air traffic controllers and the cockpit is at 01:19 ( Malaysia time ) and ( the sentence is ) ' Good night three seven zero dollar ' , " said the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation said in a statement .

Malaysian Ambassador to China told families of passengers in Beijing , Wednesday ( 03/12/2014 ) , that the last sentence of the cockpit is " All right , good night" . The use of the phrase " Good night Malaysian three seven zero " is a more formal version of the standard " farewell " from the cockpit of the Boeing 777 , to leave the Malaysian air space in the route to Beijing .

The statement from the civil aviation authorities out after Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein got a question about the last words from the cockpit and refused last released an official transcript of the conversation .

In a statement from aviation authorities presented that is still ongoing forensic investigation to make sure that last sentence uttered by the pilot or copilot . Previously , Malaysia Airlines stated that last sentence was pronounced copilot MH370 .
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Department of Civil Aviation said the investigative team has been instructed to convey the full transcript of the conversation between the cockpit and the last air traffic control tower . According to the plan , the submission made ​​at the next meeting with the kin of passengers .


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