Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Robots are deployed underwater search for the black box MH370

Head -finding team of former Royal Australian Air Force Angus Houston said the search for the black box flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines today will use a robotic submarine that will explore Indian Ocean seabed .

Yesterday Houston said the findings signal the plane's black boxes in the search area into the most promising clue so far . While the hope of finding flakes or debris MH370 at sea level is now diminishing.

Houston also said that at this time the possibility of deploying an unmanned submarine Bluefin - 21 made ​​in the United States is getting closer .

" I think we are getting close to that time , " he said , as reported by the site asiaone.com , Tuesday ( 8/4 ) .

Search now focused into the region 600 kilometers south of the Indian Ocean , or the west coast of Australia
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Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss expressed optimism tone against MH370 search process .

"Today is an important day when we tried to get back the signal from the black box MH370 , " he said .

Two days ago an Australian owned ship Ocean Shield detects two signals from the plane's black boxes at a depth of 4,500 meters below sea level


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