Monday, April 28, 2014

Anas Urbaningrum tried immediately

The investigation of cases of alleged corruption and money laundering that ensnared former Democratic Party chairman , Anas Urbaningrum expected to be completed ( P21 ) on May 9, 2014. Thus , approximately two weeks from the date that the docket will be transferred to the court Anas .

" The plan is dated May 9, P21 , for TPK ( corruption ) and its AML , most likely the file are merged , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi said in Jakarta on Monday ( 04/28/2014 ) .
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Within 14 days after the file declared complete , the Commission will draft a team of prosecutors for indictment and then submitted to the court .

" After that, when the trial court determines the maiden , " said Johan .

Today, Anas related re- examined its position as a suspect . After checked , Anas said file P21 possibility later on May 9 .

"If the supposed schedule of May 9 was already P21 , I forgot where the P21 's department . Know if my P19 , Manggarai - Monday , " said Anas , at the KPK building , Kuningan , Jakarta .

When asked if he is ready physically and mentally to face trial later , Anas even jokingly. " Born inner does not, but the mind is born , yes , " he continued .

During today's inspection , Anas admitted just complete dossier (BAP ) her . To reporters , a former member of the House of Representatives is also the time to play . Anas admitted to the investigating team has asked the Commission to correct the BAP by replacing all names are written in the BAP Anas with another person's name .

" My name is renamed another , baseball may be said , " Anas said .

Commission set Anas as suspects in the alleged corruption surrounding Hambalang February 2013 . Through the development of these investigations , the Commission Anas ensnare the articles in money laundering legislation . Anas suspected money laundering active and enjoying the proceeds of money laundering . KPK arrested at the Detention Commission Anas around January 2014 .


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