Friday, April 18, 2014

Romi denies there is change of the Secretary General of PPP

Politicians Romahurmuziy stated is not true if the position as Secretary General of the PPP has been replaced by Isa Muchsin .

" Until this hour written release 16:45 pm , General Secretary PPP still held by Muchammad Romahurmuziy discretion formation PPP VII Conference in Bandung in 2011 . Wasekjen statement is not true PPP Saifullah Tamliha stating that existing rolling Secretary General of PPP , which is based on meeting Daily Manager ( PH ) mentioned DPP held today , " Romi said in a release here on Friday .

The meeting this morning at around 10:00 to 11:30 pm , held at the PPP led only attended by 15 people from 55 Member Executive Committee PPP . Article 57 paragraph ( 2 ) Bylaws ( ART ) Meeting PH PPP states valid if attended by half of the Executive Board Members .

That is , the meeting shall be valid if attended by DPP pH of at least 28 Members PH DPP . " Against a statement saying the decision was based on the provisions of article 9, paragraph ( 2 ) ART PPP submitted that the decision should be based on " matter of urgency " in which it was never there .

" That decision can only be done jointly by the chairman , 4 vice chairman , head of field organization , general secretary , and Wasekjen field organization . Which of these things did not happen , " said Romi .
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He said the PPP had never administered the relevant decree of dismissal or anyone rolling PPP functionaries .

" Thus , any decree that appears , is illegal , violates the AD / ART PPP , AND thus null and void according to the results of our consultation to the Court Party , " said Romi .


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