Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Foreign "Lost", Local Retailers Still Rule the Bandung and Bali!

Globalization continue to drive the growth of the retail business and shopping centers . In any city in Indonesia will be easily found similar retailers , from clothing retailers and culinary Matahari Department Store , Kentucky Fried Chicken , Solaria to Kafe Betawi available in all major cities and second tier cities and third .

However , according to Associate Director of Research and Advisory at Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia , Soany Gunawan , an area that has not been " intimidated " by the impact of globalization massive retailer is Bandung and Bali . Both the city still has the power to local content .

" That is why , the visitors who come to the shopping centers in both regions more immigrants or tourists , " said Soany to Kompas.com , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

London is rich with creative industries . They have clothing and culinary production base is very strong, and supported by the garment industry , convection , and home-cooked meals . So , naturally when the factory outlet or a local clothing stores and traditional food in London still rule the retail clothing than a national or global scale .

Also, as with Bali . Local stores that lined the tourist spots is still the target of locals and tourists ( foreign and domestic ) . Meanwhile , visitors who shop in modern shopping centers instead of migrants from Java .

That is why , further Soany , shopping centers fared long and crowded on weekdays and weekends in both areas is the concept of differentiation specific to the unique architectural design . A concrete example is the Bali Beach Walk ( Bali ) , Paris Van Java Mall and Cihampelas Walk ( London ) .

" All three of the shopping center 's occupancy rate recorded over 90 percent and the rate of thousands to tens of thousands of visits per day , " said Soany .

Meanwhile , in other areas it does not get a feel of the locality of the place . These conditions should be arrested jelly by the developer . Because Soany say , build a shopping center not only consider the number of population , but also purchasing power , environmental conditions , and the market in general .
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" If there is no differentiation alias carries the same concept of the shopping center , it is not possible cannibalism . 's Like happens in shopping centers Transmall Makassar , to cite an example . Establishing a shopping center is not just a big box construction , but also the management of tenancy mix , " Soany said .


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