Friday, April 11, 2014

Upcoming Google Now Can Find Car parking

We continue to develop new features in its service , one for apps Google Now . Reportedly , the upcoming Google Now will be able to help users find where the car park .

Reporting from phonearena , before Google Now has provided the option for users that automatically add an event to the calendar based on what you mentioned in other Google products , such as Google+ . Now Google is developing a new feature that Google now allows you to more easily find the location where your car is parked .

(see also: waptrick)

There are only a few lines of code , named " car_location " , and this feature will read " Where you parked " . Now Google will use your location to the point of a point of reminder , as a benchmark of travel information , and much more . And this is the information that will be used as one of the basic information Google Now to determine the location of your car .

Indeed, so far the Google has not officially announced this feature to the public , but with Google Now keep updating step including synchronization services with Maps , this feature is not likely to go live in the coming renewal Google Now .


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