Monday, April 21, 2014

Falling aircraft, 8 Paratroopers Killed in Finland

The Finnish investigators and police said eight people were killed when a small plane carrying parachutists , crashed and burned in Jamijarvi , a small town in western Finland , on Sunday ( 20/4 ) .

Jamijarvi is located approximately 150 kilometers from the capital Helsinki .

The police said eight victims of the 11 passengers was found in the Comp Air 8 aircraft in a charred condition .

" Three people , including the pilot survived a crash after their parachute plunge , " said Superintendent Petri Kangas as reported by / / Fox News .

Kangas added , until now investigators did not know the exact cause of the plane crash .
Some parties say , before the plane crashed , some parts of the aircraft appeared to fall .

Investigation Safety Authority Finland Ismo Aaltonen says , with the standard cost is in Finland , the incident was the most serious aircraft accidents in recent decades .
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" According to the information gathered , the aircraft is at a relatively high altitude over which is more than 10,000 feet before it crashed , " Aaltonen said during a news conference shortly After the plane crashed .


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