Thursday, May 22, 2014

Search the KPK room Anggito

Anti-Corruption Commission raided the offices of the Directorate General of Religious Affairs Hajj and Umrah , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

According to KPK spokesman Johan Budi , a place that was searched was the room the Director General of Hajj and Umrah Anggito Abhimanyu .

" The one that was searched in the room DG Hajj and Umrah , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi said here on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

According to him , a search was conducted investigations relating to the delivery of the Hajj corruption case that ensnared Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali .
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Separately , KPK deputy chairman Bambang Widjojanto said that the raids carried out since this afternoon . As of 20:00 pm , a search in the office of MORA in Bull Field Road Jakarta , is still ongoing .

KPK set Suryadharma as a suspect in a case of alleged corruption in the organization of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj fiscal year 2012-2013 .

As Menag , Suryadharma allegedly committed an unlawful act or abuse of authority together which resulted in losses to the state .

Suryadharma suspected of violating Article 2 Paragraph 1 or Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 to -1 in conjunction with Article 66 of the Criminal Code .

Until now , the Commission still counting state loss allegedly arising from the Suryadharma actions .

Johan said , the value of the budget that is used for the implementation of the 2012-2013 pilgrimage to Rp 1 trillion more . Johan also stated , determination Suryadharma who is also Chairman of the United Development Party was not related to politics .

Previously , when the case is still under investigation , the Commission never asked for information Anggito .


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